Hi and welcome to Tic Toc Comics!

You probably noticed that there is hardly anything left!  My store is going away as I try to liquidate everything I have in order to pay down my student debt!  Hopefully I will be making a big move next year, but I need to sell everything if I'm going to afford it! 

My remaining inventory is on eBay (tictoccomics77) and Hipcomic (tictoccomics).  Combined shipping on all  items is still LOW, the prices are low, so take advantage and buy while this stuff is left.  I am listing complete sets from my collection -- Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Superman, Wonder Woman, Huntress, and more!  Also my whole CD collection is going -- dozens are up for auction now, including a BUNCH of hard-to-find stuff.

Featured Products

Suede lot

Suede (set of 7 CDs)
Columbia Records

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Saturday Night Live mug set

Warner Bros.

Price: $225.00 Add SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE  mug set to Cart
Wonder Woman DVDs

WONDER WOMAN Season 1-3 (DVD set)
Warner Bros.

Price: $35.00 Add WONDER WOMAN  Season 1-3 (DVD set) to Cart