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Newly listed items include Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man,  and more.  For backstock I'm mainly listing sets for now, along with occasional silver age goodies & main titles from various eras. 

Upcoming listings will include many trades, Brave & the Bold, superhero/Dr. Who DVDs, and just about everything else!  If you're looking for anything, let me know. 

Different sellers have different grading standards, so I try to grade consistently with the industry standard and I grade down when it's iffy.  As always, I will provide a detailed description of the condition of each issue along with a scan of the actual comic.

U.S. shipping is only $3.50 plus 25 cents per each additional comic (first class/priority for comics, media mail for trades/CDs/DVDs).  The cart allows you to check your grand total as you go.  International buyers are welcome, too!  I have shipped all over the world as an eBay seller and guarantee delivery, or your money back.

Accepted payment methods are Paypal, mail (check or money order), and all major credit cards.

Featured Products

Kamandi Archives 2.jpeg

KAMANDI Archives 2
DC Comics

Price: $17.00
Strange Tales   1st   113.jpeg

Strange Tales vol. 1 #113 FR Human Torch
Marvel Comics

Price: $17.50
Incredible Hulk   1st   182.jpeg

Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #182 FR/GD
Marvel Comics

Price: $32.75
Captain Marvel   1st   33.jpeg

Captain Marvel vol. 1 #33 GD/VG
Marvel Comics

Price: $25.00
Fear   19.jpeg

Fear #19 VG Man-Thing
Marvel Comics

Price: $59.00
Batman Adventures   1st   28.jpeg

Batman Adventures vol. 1 #28 VF
DC Comics

Price: $45.00
Josie and the Pussycats   1st   042

Josie vol. 1 #42 GD
Archie Comics

Price: $50.00
Avengers   1st   181.jpeg

Avengers vol. 1 #181 VF
Marvel Comics

Price: $42.75
Iron Man   1st   118.jpeg

Iron Man vol. 1 #118 VG
Marvel Comics

Price: $20.00
Jughead   1st   325

Jughead vol. 1 #325 FR
Archie Comics

Price: $33.00