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Elastica: Elastica CD

Artist: Elastica
Title: Elastica
Format: full length CD
Label: David Geffen Company
Catalog Number: DGCD 24728
Original Release Year: 1995
Musicians: Justine Frischmann, Donna Matthews, Annie Holland, Justin Welch
Producer: Marc Waterman/Elastica
Tracks: 1. Line Up 2. Annie 3. Connection 4. Car Song 5. Smile 6. Hold Me Now 7. S.O.F.T. 8. Indian Song 9. Blue 10. All-Nighter 11. Waking Up 12. 2:1 13. See That Animal 14. Stutter 15. Never Here 16. Vaseline
Notes: Elastica were one of the strongest Britpop bands. Damon Albarn contribues a few keyboard tracks. The songs are high energy with plenty of hook. Some songs bear a striking resemblance to Wire's material which led to accusations of plagiarism.
Liner Notes: includes lyrics
Disc condition: light wear
Packaging condition: light wear to jewel case
Insert condition: excellent


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