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Kill The Hippies


Artist: Kill The Hippies
Title: Erectospective
Format: 2-CD
Label: Rock N' Roll Purgatory
Year: 2004
Tracks: 1. Flags and Gas 2. Jerked Off by Strangers 3. Deserter 4. Look for Trouble 5. Dildo Dildo Dildo 6. Murder Babble 7. Young Tuffs 8. Butcher King 9. Skull Fighter 10. Shenanigans 11. Rock it Bite it 12. Scripted by Mistake 13. Christian Scientist 14. Render Me 15. Baby's Lost Touch 16. Living in Sin 17. My Pussy's Gonna Make You Hot, My Cock is Gonna Drive You Crazy 18. Prostitution 19. Destroy All the Musicians 20. Holiday in WWIII 21. Sell Out 22. We're the Tuff Guy 23. I'm Gonna Puke on You 24. Rockin' in Tokyo 25. Do the Trick 26. Neon Toilet 27. Formaldehyde 28. Billy and the Bottle 29. The Stranger 30. CEI-U 31. Subplot 32. Mulligan Stew 33. Mathematico 34. I, Shrink Ray 35. Malice 36. Empty Vessel 37. End of Discussion 38. Born with a Bible 39. I Saw the Chickens in the Yard


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