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Affordable Floors

All the Things I Meant to Be

Artist: The Affordable Floors
Title: All the Things I Meant to Be
Format: full length CD
Label: Anthem
Catalog Number: #30387
Year: 1992
Musicians: Jeff Babcock, KZB, Harvey Coblin, Eric Riebling, Kenneth Zenkevich
Tracks: 1. Welcome to the World 2. The Bridge 3. Shelter 4. Temptation 5. A Railroad Song 6. Lullaby 7. One for My Baby 8. Coming up Roses 9. Eighty Eight 10. Leap of Faith 11. Nothing Personal 12. All the Things I Meant to be 13. Thirteen
Notes: 80s/90s Pittsburgh band. Excellent record featuring a slick New Order cover. Bassist Riebling went on to play in the Gathering Field.
Liner Notes: Fold out
Condition notes: original owner
Disc condition: excellent
Packaging condition: light wear to jewel case
Insert condition: excellent


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