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The Flash

The Complete Series

Series: Flash
Region: 1
Cast: John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, Alex Desert, Paula Marshall, Mark Hammil
Screenplay: Bilson & De Meo; Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore et al.
Producer: Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo; Gail Morgan Hickman
Original Release Date: 1990-1991
Synopsis: The first attempt at a live-action Flash show, this run seems silly today, but has its moments. Following on the success of the very dark '89 Batman film, The Flash borrowed the feel of a gritty, dark city. Danny Elfman did the music for the show as well! The lead character was Barry Allen in name and profession, but otherwise acted a bit like Wally West. Tina McGee, Wally's love interest, became Barry's in the show. Some of the Rogues made an appearance, with the most memorable being Mark Hammil's Trickster. Hammil and the lead actors all reprised their roles in the 2014 Flash series.
Condition: Very Good: Discs & packaging are in excellent shape, like new, watched once. Cellophane intact to protect slipcases. Box set purchased new.


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