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The Pretty Things: S.F. Sorrow CD

Artist: The Pretty Things
Title: S.F. Sorrow
Format: full length CD
Label: Snapper Music Inc.
Catalog Number: 155652
Year: 1998
Original Release Year: 1968
Musicians: Phil May, Wally Allen, Dick Taylor, John Povey, Twink
Producer: Norman Smith
Tracks: 1. S.F. Sorrow is Born 2. Bracelets of Fingers 3. She Says Good Morning 4. Private Sorrow 5. Balloon Burning 6. Death 7. Baron Saturday 8. The Journey 9. I See You 10. Well of Destiny 11. Trust 12. Old Man Going 13. Loneliest Person Bonus Cuts 14. Defecting Grey 15. Mr. Evasion 16. Talkin' About the Good Times 17. Walking Through My Dreams
Liner Notes: Phil May, Dick Taylor
Condition notes: original owner
Disc condition: light wear
Packaging condition: light wear to jewel case
Insert condition: excellent, includes bio & lyrics


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