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Charley Pride: The Essential Charley Pride CD

Artist: Charley Pride
Title: The Essential Charley Pride
Format: full length CD
Label: RCA/BMG
Catalog Number: 67248-2
Year: 1997
Tracks: 1. It's Just Between You and Me 2. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger 3. Please Help Me I'm Falling 4. All I Have to Offer You 5. Kaw-Liga 6. Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone 7. I'd Rather Love You 8. Wonder Could I Live There Anymore 9. I Can't Believe that You've Stopped Loving Me 10. She's Too Good to be True 11. Kiss an Angel Good Morning 12. It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer 13. I'm Just Me 14. A Shoulder to Cry on 15. Amazing Love 16. My Eyes Can Only See as Far as You 17. I'll be Leaving Alone 18. Someone Loves You Honey 19. Burgers and Fries 20. You're My Jamaica
Liner Notes: Wade Jessen
Condition notes: original owner
Disc condition: excellent
Packaging condition: tape residue along original seal (top edges), light wear to jewel case
Insert condition: crease to right & vertical bend, otherwise okay


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