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The Troggs: Archeology 3-CD

Artist: The Troggs
Title: Archeology
Format: 3-CD
Label: Fontana/Phonogram Ltd.
Year: 1992
Original Release Year: 1966-1976
Musicians: Reg Presley, Chris Britton, Pete Staples, Ronnie Bond
Producer: Bill Inglot
Tracks: Disc One: 1. Lost Girl 2. The Yella in Me 3. Wild THing 4. From Home 5. With a Girl Like You 6. I Want You 7. Jingle Jangle 8. Our Love Will Still be There 9. I Just Sing 10. I Can't Control Myself 11. Gonna Make You 12. Any Way That You Want Me 13. 66-5-5-3-2-1 14. Give it to Me 15. I Can Only Give You Everything 16. You Can't Beat it 17. Last Summer 18. I Want You to Come into My Life 19. Cousin Jane 20. Night of the Long Grass 21. Girl in Black 22. Too Much of a Good Thing 23. Seventeen 24. Her Emotion 25. My Lady 26. All of the Time 27. Somewhere My Girl is Waiting Disc Two 1. Love is All Around 2. When Will the Rain Come 3. Little Girl 4. Maybe the Madman 5. Surprise, Surprise (I Need You) 6. You Can Cry if You Want to 7. Hip Hip Hooray 8. Purple Shades 9. Heads or Tails 10. Evil Woman 11. That's What You Get Girl 12. I Don't Know Why 13. Easy Loving 14. Lover 15. Come Now 16. The Raver 17. Everything's Funny 18. Feels Like a Woman 19. Queen of Sorrow 20. Strange Movies 21. I'm on Fire 22. Good Vibrations 23. Summertime 24. I'll Buy You an Island 25. Get You Tonight Disc Three: The Troggs Tape
Disc condition: very nice with light wear
Packaging condition: Slip has a bit of corner wear, but solid.
Insert condition: light handling to booklet


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